Pilates reformer: machine, equipment and accessories Bonpilates

We develop and commercialize pilates reformer machines, equipment, accessories and many other gadgets perfect for practice this training. Bonpilates offers its clients high quality and technology solutions.

The equipment your business needs

Pilates equipment catalogue for particular, gyms, centers and many other businesses. We share the concept of quality of life, which is achieved through fair practice of Pilates and the development of the three dimensions - physical, psychological and mental - that comprise it.

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Indispensable for pilates center

We provide you with material pilates and fitness accessories that every practitioner may need.

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Pilates Globalization as a business

Globality pilates

BONPILATES is a unique corporative concept in the market as, besides being equipment manufacturers, we are also committed to helping you in everything you may need to be successful in the Pilates world.

We adapt to your space, budget, and decorative requirements as well as to your users´ specific needs. Our customization options (upholstery colours, type of wood, type of aluminium, height of the equipment) make possible perfect harmony between your Pilates centre or Pilates room and your users.
We believe in your business and we want you to believe in it as well