Adapter System

Pilates equipment A-S Adapter System

We are proud to present to you with the simplest, fastest and safest adaptation system for Pilates equipment available on the market: the A-S ADPATER SYSTEM.


The A-S ADAPTER SYSTEM includes all the improvements and innovation that BONPILATES has ever launched on the market through its new Pilates equipment collection:

  • The most-advanced reformer foot-bar regulation system.
  • Totally safe spring regulation system.
  • Quick change shoulder-rests.
  • Cadillac push-through bar regulation system and reformer with tower.
  • Towers and Cadillac combo pulley height regulation system.
  • Strap length regulation system.


  • Perfectly adapts to anyone.
  • More convenience for the instructor.
  • Great session performance as multiple adjustments can be made very quickly and, therefore, the time between each exercise can be reduced.
  • Total safety, preventing the springs from coming loose accidentally.
  • Optimisation of the equipment’s potential; the instructor has more confidence to try out and implement new exercises.