Manufacturers of pilates and fitness machines

As manufacturers of pilates and fitness machines, Bonpilates acquires its philosophy, organization and quality in its products from the very basics where the method itself is born.


The quality concept is understood in its widest sense given that the creation of the BONPILATES products begins by the detection of needs, which are then analysed by a highly involved team who works at constantly improving and adapting the equipment.

The BONPILATES team answers those needs by looking actively for the best materials, the way to apply them and adapt those materials to both the user and the instructor, thereby producing the best results.


The BONPILATES products are planned and developed under strict comprehensive safety parameters.

The BONPILATES products offer safety to the instructor and the user alike, eliminating all the elements that are potentially dangerous, whether performing exercises, or whether assembling or handling the product.

he safety of the BONPILATES products is an intrinsic element of our company’s philosophy, that boasts various certifications and patents recognised at the European level.


The meticulous and detailed analysis of all the movements and actions performed when practising the Pilates method enables BONPILATES to create products that adapt in every moment to the needs, capacities and abilities of clients and instructors alike.

We collaborate with the IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia- Valencia Biomechanics Institute) in order to maximize the ergonomic characteristics of the equipment we manufacture.


Innovation and continuous improvement are fundamental principles of BONPILATES corporal development.

For our clients, investment in R&D projects as well as the BONPILATES team’s strong involvement are a guarantee of a top-quality, highly innovative product with on-going assistance. Our patents of the “ADPATER” system, implemented in the towers of both the Cadillac and the Reformer and in our foot-bar, are the fruit of our focus on R&D.