Pilates company

Philosophy, organization of work and the quality of Bonpilates products are born from the same grounds as the Pilates Method.

Joseph Pilates had one need: strengthen his health. In all his physical activities, he noticed deficiencies. He compensated for them by combining various elements which, when put together, would produce the desired effect.

Bonpilates faced a similar problem with the Pilates method equipment available in the market at that time.

Due to his recurrent spine problems, began to practise the Pilates method and became one of the great number of persons who entrust their physical and mental wellbeing to this global discipline.

Its daily practice led him to discover a series of functional and safety deficiencies in the equipment used. Indeed, in most cases, he was confronted with equipment that used methods of the 70s to solve technical problems to which a precise, modern, technical solution can nowadays be found.

Bonpilates creates and develops its products thanks to the extensive experience of the people who make up the team, with full awareness of the market’s needs, and manufactures products that perfectly adapt to the final users, and not the reverse. BONPILATES currently relies on R&D programmes that are capable of detecting deficiencies and bringing professional solutions to the Pilates method world.

Our products and services are different because of the high level of personal involvement and care that every member of the BONPILATES family gives every day. Our personal experiences in the health and sports world are reflected in the development of the most comprehensive equipment on the market, designed for your own convenience.