Pilates equipment

Pilates equipment catalogue for particular, gyms, centers and many other businesses. We offer reformes, towers, cadillacs, chairs and many other machines.


Involves a body balanced, healthy and always under the control of the mind


Results of the other two as a physicist and a balanced mind and enhance our image as a real social interactions.


Is reaffirmed with increased self-esteem, an increase of mental control and the reduction and control of anxiety

In BONPILATES we have considered all the reality that encompasses this concept and apply the same concept to the Pilates Method. For us, the Pilates Method is a global concept, a physical activity that goes beyond a mere fad: it is a way of understanding life, a "concept of life."

We have the best gym equipment for the practice of the Pilates Method and we stress that this is because the major effort that each day turn to the research and development of components, materials, manufacturing techniques and new training techniques and training. BONPILATES advances day by day under the strong commitments to quality, safety, ergonomics and innovation.

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