Pilates companies with R+D+i

We are one of the gym and fitness equipment manufacturers and pilates companies aware that there is no possibility to development or future prospects without the implementation of programs of R+D+I


The foot-bar with the highest number of positions on the market

Completely adjustable with more than 20 different positions and 250º movement in the aluminium line.


The tower with the simplest regulation system.

Reformer and Cadillac tower with up to 13 different height regulation positions, easy to use and quick to adjust, ideal to make classes more dynamic.

Harmony in design

With the CURVE line, corners just disappear.

Its harmonious design prevents you hurting or bumping yourself when doing the exercises.


The bar with the highest number of positions on the market.

Thanks to our new A-S Adapter System, our equipment is currently the quickest, most convenient and safest to use on the market, and therefore dramatically improves performance and minimizes the risks of injuries.

Our company has always been aware of the fact that development is not possible and there is no real future without being involved and committed to both R+D+i programmes and to top quality.

We have the will to innovate and the capacity to do it.

This collaboration has resulted in the new ADAPTER SYSTEM, which we have implemented in all our equipment’s towers and aluminium structures. This system means that all the parts of the equipment can easily be adjusted. Thanks to an automatic knob and inner guiding rail system, the height of springs, pulleys and trapeze can now be adjusted by just one person easily, conveniently and safely, according to the exercise that is going to be carried out and the specific characteristics of the user, without having to screw or unscrew anything.

The foot-bar in our new CURVE line can also be easily adapted. Thanks to an innovative clamp system, the foot-bar can be adjusted easily, so that it can be turned 180º-and have 20 different positions, this means that more exercises can be carried out with the same piece of equipment and which also adapts better to the morphology of each and every user.

Our philosophy is that our equipment adapts to the user and not the other way round.

With our new CURVE line, we have managed to combine design and elegance with comfort and lightness. The rounded off design of the equipment’s corners produces a sensation of harmony, well being, and the impression that the equipment is one single unit with no limits. Moreover, the fact that the equipment is made out of beech wood contributes to its elegance and beauty. The equipment is also lighter and easier to move, and is just as stable, sturdy and resistant as before.